In 2014 Lenz Dial A Battery was established by Naser Mahomed. The first brand of batteries that was marketed was imported from Japan. After further research, it was found that Lenz Dial A Battery could meet the demands of local brands at a lower price. Dixon being the first suppliers of Lenz Dial A Battery, opened a way to enter the market for motorcycle Automotive and heavy duty batteries. In 2015 The demand for brands Willard and Sabat were higher, leading to an agreement between Lenz Dial A Battery and the main suppliers of Willard and Sabat. A branch was opened in Lenasia in 2014 and it was found that one service that was lacking in the community was the service of delivery and fitment at the convenience of customers, Lenz Dial a Battery began proving the service in the community. In 2016 the brand Bosch was added to our range. After opening the branch we began to stock a wider range of car accessories and other products.